About our birds

We are a member of the National Pigeon Association, so in keeping with the strict criteria in the housing, transporting, and welfare of our birds.

we carry a full public liability insurance.

We have Diamond Doves, Indian Fantails, And Beacheart White Pigeons, they fly around the grounds here on a daily basis, and roost in their clean and suitable aviary and lofts.

Times occur when a hen is sitting on eggs or young then for obvious reasons cannot take part in a release.

Our birds are all white birds and trained to return home after the release, the doves can be used more locally but the Beachearts will travel home from 200 miles or more, they are bred as cross channel flyers and often used for racing. 

Please read before booking

Please check the availability of dates before booking.

If on your ceremony day the weather is ie rain, high winds or other adverse conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the release. However in such an instance you would be given the option of the deposit being refunded, or the doves could be present for display only.

We aim to be as unobtrusive as possible at your event, a coordinator will be in nearby attendance prior to the birds release. Whom will be polite, professional and appropriately dressed.

The timing and location of your release is entirely your choice, usually directly after the service during the photo shoot. However the birds cannot be released close to sunset and must be given time to fly home before dark.

They are on a particular feeding plan so as trying to avoid deposit mishaps on the day, however that cannot be guaranteed so wipes will be on hand.

The doves will be clean and healthy, and presented best we can.,if released by hand you will be shown how to hold the dove. (we usually bring a spare bird in case of a slip up.)

We do have a small 2.5m x 2.5m white marquee if required for additional £40.00
The display cage ribbons and flowers could be colour coordinated with your colour scheme if required.
please enquire.

Terms and Conditions


We reserve the right to cancel a release in adverse weather conditions.

We cannot leave birds caged for long periods of time, so we would require access
to monitor the birds periodically.

The cage/ basket remain the property of diamond doves.

We may like to take and include any photos from your release to publish on our website gallery page. We would ask for your consent to do so first.

A charge of £0.50p per mile measured one way only will be added to your price.

A £50.00 deposit will be required on booking, and the balance paid 14 days prior to the event.

We cannot release the birds close to sunrise or sunset.

No responsibility for soiling.

we are fully insured.